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About Me: Auran Shereef

Hello Everyone. I'm Auran Shereef. Konnex TV spawned from my previous company Konnex which I founded in my college dorm room. After graduating from the University of Maryland I worked at a series of Dept of Defense companies. But when I was 24 I picked up a copy of "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. Upon reading the book I discovered "the secret" that lies within...Utilizing the "Law of Attraction" I manifested meeting the legendary Bob Proctor when I was 26.

I attended his program called the Matrix and it changed my life. 

I announced the Launch of Konnex sitting behind Bob Proctors desk in his Personal Studio!

In August 2016 I was nearly Killed in a horrible Motorcycle Accident

Click here to read my Motorcycle Accident Story

After Spending 3 months in a wheelchair and not being able to walk. I was able to fully recover because of my Amazing Mother

After this motorcycle accident, In less than a year I built a successful software company, published multiple books and was interviewed on various shows

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Inspirational People that helped me along the way

Kevin Plank

Founder of Under Armour

Brendan Iribe

Founder of Oculus

I met Kevin Plank at Cupids Cup Competition at the University of Maryland, College Park

I met Brendan Iribe at Bitcamp at UMD

Steve Case

Cofounder of AOL

Christoper Scolese

Former Director of NASA

I met Steve Case at the Robert H. Smith School at an event

I met Christoper Scolese when he delivered his famous "manic Talk" at NASA when I was employed there..

Grant Cardone

CEO of Cardone Enterprises

Elena Cardone


I met Grant Cardone at his office in Miami, Florida

I met Elena Cardone at the Fountainbleu Resort in Miami, Florida